Projects Numbers and Names

Download the Word file (.doc) with all the published projects by correct number and name.

Projects Numbers and Names

000 Parkhaus Coulinstrasse, Wiesbaden (Germany)

000 Westland, Naaldwijk (The Netherlands)

023 Public Works Department, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

028 Haarlemmerbuurt, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

035 Corpus den Hoorn, Groningen (The Netherlands)

042 Eurotwin Business Center, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

054 Hoornseheem, Groningen (The Netherlands)

058 Gulden Kruis, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

064 Marvelo, Zaandam (The Netherlands)

065_109 Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

067 Van Schaik Company Premises_Breukelen (The Netherlands)

071 Hoogte and Laagte Kadijk, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

084 Housing Kalenderpanden, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

090 Reception Pavilion Zordvlied Cemetery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

091 Rietlanden, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

099 Drienerlo, Enschede (The Netherlands)


108 Stadshagen, Zwolle (The Netherlands)

120 Housing Beekpark, Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)

127 Fisherstraat, The Hague (The Netherlands)

128 University of Amsterdam Deck, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

131 Burgemeester Kootpark, Uithoorn (The Netherlands)

133 Tower, Almere (The Netherlands)

137 Netherlands Embassy, Maputo (Mozambique)

138 Floriande, Haarlemmermeer (The Netherlands)

139 Leo Polakhuis, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

141 IJburg Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

144 Hotel Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

146 Rietvelden, The Hague (The Netherlands)

149 Netherlands Forensic Institute, The Hague (The Netherlands)

151 Oostelijke Handelskade, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

155 Cruise Inn, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

162 Oosterheem Waterrand, Zoetermeer (The Netherlands)

165 Municipal Offices, Breda (The Netherlands)

167 Het Funen, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

173 Solid 18 IJburg, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

179 Apartments Ter Huivra, Joure (The Netherlands)

182 Raaks, Haarlem (The Netherlands)

188 Municipal Archives ‘De Bazel’_Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

189 Zuidwijk De Burgen, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

192 Block 24 IJburg, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

196 Museum National Monument Camp Vught_Vught (The Netherlands)

198 Town Hall Tynaarlo_Vries (The Netherlands)

199 Vathorst, Amersfoort (The Netherlands)


201 Patio Dwellings, Almere (The Netherlands)

205 De Aker, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

210 Riethof, The Hague (The Netherlands)

214 Willem van den Bergh Foundation, Noordwijk (The Netherlands)

218 Southwest Quadrant of Osdorp subarea C, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

234 Public Works Department Zuideramstel, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

235 Redevelopment plan for Bagijnhof and Achterom, Dordrecht (The Netherlands)

243 Apartments Castle Beeckendael, Haverleij, Den Bosch (The Netherlands)

258 Euroborg, Groningen (The Netherlands)

268 Forum Philharmonic Ghent, Ghent (Belgium)

269 Coordination Spuimarkt, The Hague (The Netherlands)

270 Gershwin Zuidas, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

271 Fire Station_Utrecht (The Netherlands)

273 Apartments Laankwartier Katendrecht, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

280 Dutch Reformed Church, Rijsenhout (The Netherlands)

294 Novartis Office Building, Basel (Switzerland)

297 House of Culture and Administration, Nijverdal (The Netherlands)

298 Apartments Eekenhof_Enschede (The Netherlands)


304 Schiphol South-East, Schiphol (The Netherlands)

308 A10 Block Jan van Galen_Amsterdam (The Netherlands) s

309 Nonnewissen Esch, Esch (Luxembourg)

311 Royal Museum of Fine Arts_Antwerp (Belgium)

324 Stoutenburg, Stoutenburg (The Netherlands)

325 Science Park, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

326 Zalmhaven, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

328 Workshop, Cologne (Germany)

339 Crematorium Heimolen_St. Niklaas (Belgium)

341 Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

342 Education Center Erasmus University Medical Center_Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

344 Provinciehuis Friesland, Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

350 St.Jacques de la Lande, Rennes (France)

352 CK Office_Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

356 Academy of Architecture_Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

369 Student Dwelling, Leiden (The Netherlands)

375 Block 63 IJburg_Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

376 Local Government Office, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

386 Palace of Justice_Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

391 Taichung Opera House, Taichung (Taiwan)

394 Villa Trapman_Nieuwveen (The Netherlands)

395 Combizwembad Jan van Galen, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


400 House in Jingu Mae, Tokyo (Japan)

403 Zuidsingel, Middelburg (The Netherlands)

422 Central Post_Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

432 House of the City, Gouda (The Netherlands)

435 Netherlands Institute of Ecology_Wageningen (The Netherlands)

439 Faculty of Pharmacy University of Granada_Granada (Spain)

441 District Water Board Brabantse Delta on Bouvigne Estate_Breda (The Netherlands)

447 Vancouver_Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

450 Dwelling Edmond Halleylaan_Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

451 AM Headquarters_Utrecht (The Netherlands)

464 Chambre des Métiers et de l’Artisanat_Lille (France)

473 Camp Nou, Barcelona (Spain)

481 Holocaust Museum, Mechelen (Belgium)

484 Holland Casino, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

490 Center for Vision, Words and Sound, Alkmaar (The Netherlands)

491 Leidsche Rijn_Utrecht (The Netherlands)


500 Central Judicial Collection Agency_Leeuwarden (The Netherlands)

503 El Prat de Llobregat_Barcelona (Spain)

506 Lijnbaanhoven, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

526 Municipal Offices, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

534 Cultural Center, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

537 Dreamhouse, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

548 Steigereiland Zuid, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

553 Museum Sorigue, Lleida (Spain)

562 National Military Museum_Soesterberg (The Netherlands)

563 Latin Business Center, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

572 Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay_Paris (France)

573 Supreme Court of the Netherlands_The Hague (The Netherlands)

591 Aalst Crematorium_Aalst (Belgium)


600 XLW9_Tianjin (China)


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